Download Fouad iOS 8.72.1 APK Latest Update

Download MBWhatsapp Fouad iOS 8.72.1 APK Latest Update Latest Update from here. This is one of the best WAMODs which gives you a great iPhone UI on Android.

The best way to increase the functionality of WhatsApp is through mods, a modified application that has a lot of new features, such as privacy and customization options.

If you are decided to try a WhatsApp mod you should know that there is a great variety, but most of them start from the same base, therefore, many are similar in terms of features, it is in the visual theme where a mod can be differentiated.

You can try various mods until you find the one that seems best to you, depending on the features, ease of use, and possibly the length of time the developer releases the updates.

Looking for a WAMOD which gives you the feeling you are on iOS? Then search no more for you are in the right place. Download Fouad iOS WhatsApp (MBWhatsApp) 8.39 Latest version from here. This is one of the best WAMODs which gives you a great iPhone UI on Android.

So, if you are tired of the UI of other WhatsApp MODs, then MBWhatsApp is a good option for you. You will get to experience a brand new look and feel when using this MOD.

What is Fouad iOS(MBWhatsApp)8.72.1

The developer of this stunning WAMOD had in mind the desire to give Android users the iOS experience. This WAMOD is formerly known as YoWa iOS when it is first released. It’s first release was based on the YoWhatsApp developed by Yousef Al-Basha. But, this new release is based on FMWhatsApp.

As for who is behind this awesome WAMOD, StefanoYG from MBMods is the mastermind behind it.

The app comes in two different variants:

  • Com.WA: This variant has the same package name as the official WhatsApp App. To install this variant, you will need to uninstall first the official WhatsApp.

  • Com.MB: You can install this variant as a secondary WhatsApp without uninstalling the official version.


  • Message or call to an unknown number – Just enter the mobile number and choose the option either call or message.

  • Freeze Last Seen – This option allows you to freeze your last seen and only show that last seen data to your contacts. The drawback is; you can’t even see the exact last seen of your contacts.

  • Disable forward – Once you enable this feature, Forward tag will not be shown in the message you forward.

  • Who can call me? – Customise who can call you – Including everyone, My contacts, My Contacts except…, Select Contacts, and Nobody.

  • Hide view status – Don’t tell contacts that you have viewed their status.

  • Anti delete status – Still you can able see the status of others even they deleted.

  • Anti delete messages – Similar to the anti delete status feature but here it is for status.

  • Show blue ticks after reply – Contacts will only see the blue ticks after you replied to their message.

  • Lock – Three ways to lock your Fouad iOS WAMOD – Fingerprint, Pattern and PIN.

  • FMThemes – 3000+ themes are available in the themes store.

  • Change Background colour – Choose the colour you want to whole app background.

  • Font Styles – 30+ fonts are available to apply throughout the Fouad iOS App.

  • Emoji variant – Choose different emoji styles from Facebook. Emoji One and Android Oreo.

  • Hide Media from the gallery – Hide photos, videos and GIFs that you downloaded using MBWhatsApp.

  • Backup and Restore – Create titanium backup like data backup to restore whole app data.

  • Languages – App available in over 10 languages.

  • Always Online – Once you enable this feature, you will be online until you clear in the recents.

  • Image mod – Send up to 21 MB image files.

  • Disable image share limit – Send more than 10 images at once.

  • Home screen customisation – Header, Rows, and more.

How to Install Fouad iOS APK on Android?

Note: Take a backup from the current installed WAMOD or Official App to restore on Fouad iOS.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to official settings.

  • Tap on Chats.

  • Select Chat Backup.

  • Tap on the Backup Green Button.

  • It will store on your device storage. Also, take GDrive backup for safety purpose.

  • Uninstall Official WhatsApp or Com.Wa package named WAMOD.

Once you are done above procedure, read below steps carefully.

Step 1. Download Fouad iOS APK or MBWhatsApp APK according to your need from our official page.

Step 2. Tap on the APK file which you have downloaded.

Step 3. Allow from this source option if you are using android 8.0+ or Allow Unknown Sources option to sideload APK’s.

Step 4. Install Fouad iOS APK on your Android device.


Step 5. Now, open it and give the required permissions. Don’t forget to give Storage Permissions.

Step 6. Now, tap on the Copy WhatsApp Data button and Wait for the successfully copied message.

Step 7. Once you get that, enter your mobile number and verify with the OTP you received.


Step 8. In the next page, you will be asked to restore chat backup. Tap on the Green Restore button.

Step 9. Must apply theme.

How to Apply iOS themes?

These are simple steps, kindly follow.

  • Download Dark or White Theme.

  • Extract the Zip file using any file manager.

  • Now, Open Fouad iOS App.

  • Go to Fouad Mods >> Themes >> Load Theme >> Select the .XML file.

  • That’s it.

Installing themes

You can either install the dark or Light theme on Fouad iOS WhatsApp. The dark theme will give you the experience of the dark mode on WhatsApp. Follow the steps below to install themes

  • Download Dark or White Theme zip files.

  • Extract the Zip file using any file manager.

  • After extracting the theme, launch Fouad iOS WhatsApp from your smartphone.

  • Go to Fouad Mods >> Themes >> Load Theme >> Select the .XML file.

  • Install and enjoy.


Fouad iOS WhatsApp

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Ukuran Aplikasi:39MB

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