Download NSWhatsApp 8.5 APK (Latest Updated Version)

Download NSWhatsApp 8.5 APK (Latest Updated Version)

Download NSWhatsApp 8.5 APK (Latest Updated Version). NS WhatsApp is another WhatsApp mod created by Brazilian developer Nairton Silva, hence the mod is called NS WhatsApp. Like almost all WhatsApp mods that exist, it is based on GBWhatsApp and in fact it is the developer himself who offers all the credits to the original creator of GBWhatsApp, atnfas_hoak.

This is the last available version of the mod and it is created on the basis of the latest stable version of Android, but it is that in addition to this it also incorporates a lot of functions that are common in WhatsApp mods and that focus above all on improving the personalization, enable the hidden functions of WhatsApp and finally improve the privacy functions of the application, taking them far beyond what you can do with conventional WhatsApp.

What is NSWhatsApp?

In short, NS WhatsApp is another WhatsApp mod that you can easily try since it also incorporates a primary version (which replaces WhatsApp by default) and a couple of secondary ones in different colors that do not interfere with the normal application.

Enable unknown sources
In order to install NS WhatsApp on your mobile phone, it is necessary for it to have the Android operating system. You will not be able to install the application from Google Play since it is distributed from outside the Google Play Store in APK format.

In order to enable the installation of an APK from outside Google Play, you need to enable the Unknown sources / Unknown sources option, to do this go to Settings> Security and enable this option.

Information about the NSWhatsApp

  • App Name NS WhatsApp
  • Version 8.5
  • Author Nairton Silva
  • Size 45 MB
  • WhatsApp App Mod Type
  • Last update 1 day Ago

Characteristics of NSWhatsApp 8.5 APK:

  • Ticks for seen in states.
  • Correct loading of Status.
  • Go to the first message in a chat.
  • Forward message to 250 people.
  • Fixed read confirmation ticks.
  • You can apply the themes of yx, my, and Fouad.
  • Bubbles with new designs.
  • 100% ANTIBANEO.
  • Stickers / Emojis in photos.
  • Archived chats.
  • Add contacts with QR.
  • Download the profile picture.
  • Toast online.
  • Sending images in maximum quality.
  • Apply color in fab and status bar when having wallpaper applied in the Home.
  • Proximity sensor.
  • Always online.
  • Download of states.
  • Instagram-like Store, you can enable it on the home screen >> Header
  • disable clicking “WhatsApp”.
  • Attention when pressing DND.
  • Hide recent, muted, and recent status updates.
  • Added: Fixed chats are now 1000.
  • More fixes and improvements!

What's New in NSWhatsApp 8.5

  • Play Store base updated to version 2.20.123.
  • Group conversations now have a separate guide.
  • Separator to not mix the groups in the bottom bar.
  • New sounds to receive and send messages.
  • Switching to light / dark mode will save the current settings and restore them when changed again.
  • Visualization of sources.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the application not to install.
  • Fixed hiding the second tick.
  • Fixed other bugs.

Download NSWhatsApp (Latest version)

There are three different versions of NS WhatsApp, one in blue, one in red, and the last one in orange. The blue version replaces the normal WhatsApp (com.whatsapp), the red version replaces GBWhatsApp (com.gbwhatsapp) and the orange version replaces NS Whatsapp (com.nswhatsapp). This means that you could have all three installed simultaneously if you wanted three different numbers.

Download NSWhatsapp 3D

Blue (com.whatsapp) | Red (com.gbwhatsapp) | Orange (com.nswhatsapp)