Download DWhatsApp (DOWA 1.5.1) APK Latest Version 2020

Download DWhatsApp (DOWA 1.5.1) APK Latest Version 2020

Download DWhatsApp (DOWA 1.5.1) APK Latest Version 2020: DOWA and DWhatsApp APK are different versions but developed by the same person. However, he is likely to continue only one project in the coming days that is called DWhatsApp for android devices. So, download the best suitable one for you from this page. Here, we provide only official apps and that is directly taken from the original developer.

What is DOWA APK?

DOWA APK is a simple mod app which can be used in low-end devices to get lag-free experience. Also, it is a standalone application that means it doesn’t rely on any other wamod updates. The developer should need to compile from the official play store app and make this edition for us.

But, the case is different with DWhatsApp because it is based on the source code of Fouad Mods. So, I suggest that better to use the latest edition from the developer if you are looking for more features.

Download DOWA APK Latest Version for Android

Well, probable you might think that whether these are anti-ban or not. Without any further doubts, these are developed with anti-ban codes which let’s use top features and protect your account.

This is one of the official pages to download DOWA as well as DWhatsApp APKs. Again I am telling you that we only prefer taking APKs from the original developer. So, you can blindly follow this 237APPS for WAMOD updates.

Features of DOWA:

  • Animations
  • Set Photo in Background
  • Change colors
  • DOWA has Transparent Theme
  • Supports more languages
  • Home screen customizations
  • Gestures
  • Conversation screen customizations
  • Disable Output switching
  • Audio upload limit up to 100 MB
  • 250 MB for Video
  • Share High-quality images
  • Increased forward limit (not recommended)
  • Status quality mod
  • 30 Min for status video
  • Freeze Last seen
  • Anti delete messages and toast when the message got deleted
  • Hide view and anti delete for status
  • Hide blue ticks, recording and so on.
  • Lock with password and PIN

Features of DWhatsApp:

  • Music Player – You can directly play songs that are saved on your device memory. Swipe right to left to open.
  • YouTube – Watch YouTube videos within the app. Swipe left to right to open.
  • Chat tools – Swipe left to right to open.
    • Text to Emoji
    • Text Repeater
    • Creative Text
    • Text Styles
    • Emoticons
  • All privacy settings
  • DWhatsApp lock with pin and password
  • DThemes – A theme store which has dozens of themes
  • Emoji variants – One, Facebook, Android O, System Emoji and OLD WA.
  • Font styles
  • Hide media from gallery
  • Backup and restore
  • Enable Always online
  • Disable Image Share limit
  • DWA InstagramStory Light Theme
  • DWA InstagramStory Dark Theme
  • DWA InstagramBusiness Light Theme
  • DWA InstagramBusiness Dark Theme