DOWNLOAD AGWHATSAPP APK FOR ANDROID LATEST VERSION HERE. That in this version of AGWhatsApp 10.80 will able to use normally without any ban temporarily from WhatsApp Inc. This version of copy Watts Asim Blocked 10.80 is built with the latest update from the official WhatsApp green WhatsApp

What is AGWhatsApp?

It is an upgraded version of the official WhatsApp app on the latest version to use the original alternative or run two WhatsApp numbers on one device, the green WhatsApp Plus works for free on all Android phones, and it has many features that are not in the official program, where you can hide the WhatsApp 

What is new in AGWhatsApp 10.80

  • A safe copy and against the ban, God willing
  • Base update 2.19.291
  • More protection against the ban
  • Add a new style to Asim Mahjoub additions
  • Add a new style for auto text
  • Increase the duration of the case size to more than 10 minutes
  • Increased redirect to infinity
  • Add Alasturi shape like Instagram to activate this option, go to Asim Asaaf then the main screen then the top bar
  • You can now install more than 1000 conversations
  • Solve the problem of delay in the arrival of messages and the failure to send messages quickly on some devices
  • Solve the problem of breakdowns in some devices
  • This version is compatible with all versions, including Kitkat 4 versions
  • Other fixes and improvements discovered by yourself
  • Advantages of WhatsApp Asim Mahjoub

Other reforms

Learn about the newAsim Mahjoub 10.80
features of WhatsAppin WhatsApp AG features The latest version 10.80 will be built with the latest version of the official WhatsApp and also the presence of new features and additions that have been added recently from the WhatsApp Asim Mahgoub 202

Download for Android from here