Download and install God Of War 4 apk + obb

Download and install God Of War 4 apk + obb

How to download and install God Of War 4 apk + OBB? The game is thought of as a revival of the series and is based on Nordic mythology, unlike previous games which were based on Greek mythology. 

This revival of the series was made with the aim of modernizing the purpose of the game and its gameplay, favored by the insertion of a new character: Atreus, son of Kratos, a character we still play. This son-father relationship makes the story more serious, changing from the old series, which pleased the majority of players.

How to download and install God Of War 4 apk + OBB?


First of all, After having transmitted hope to humans and having survived his terrible massacre of the Gods of Olympus, Kratos tries to forget his past and goes into exile on the northern land of Midgard, where he founds a new family. , living apart from the Nordic Gods. After the death of his beloved Faye, he honors the last request of his wife, which is to scatter his ashes from the highest peak of the Nine Kingdoms alongside their son Atreus, but Kratos wishes to put his son first '' test during a hunting party in order to test his abilities and to check if he is able to control his rabies. 
The experiment failed, and Kratos comes to the conclusion that his son is not ready for their journey.

To do this, you must follow the following instructions:

  • First of all, you must first activate the option of "Unknown sources present" in Settings -> Security This is because you are downloading from a third-party source rather than the Google Play store.

  • Then, install the game God of war 4 on Android.

  • Once the installation is complete, you should find the God of war 4 icons on your application menu.

  • First of all, the next step is to extract the God of war 4 OBB and transfer them to the SD card of your mobile. Please transfer the file "Com.EpicLRT.ActionRPGSample" to the folder "android / OBB". If such a folder does not exist, create it yourself.

  • Finally, tap it to start playing.