Download and Install PES 2021 ISO PPSSPP for free

Download and Install PES 2021 ISO PPSSPP for free

Download and Install PES 2021 ISO PPSSPP for free: The football video game, eFootball PES 2021 is a male football video game from the PES eFootball series developed by PES Productions and published by Konami. This new opus is the 19ᵉ from the PES series. The game was originally released on September 10, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

How to download PES 2021 ISO PPSSPP for free?

Graphics and licenses

The only aspect on which PES 2021 ISO PPSSPP has always been better is the graphics. If you want to see the most realistic face of the player you control, you're already a FIFA fan. However, the one blow fans have given to the title all the time is that they don't have the licenses to compete with FIFA. However, there was one indicator that would change with the biggest clubs in the world such as Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona all licensed on the most recent edition.

Exclusive legends

Of course, both games offer players the ability to control legends of yesteryear. Some of them such as Diego Maradona and Johan Cruyff are available on both games. But PES are now trying to direct their attention to the larger market. Last year's edition allowed players to play with David Beckham's most famous footballer of all time. Meanwhile, Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho was also there for PES players. If they had another interesting selection of players in 2021, then they could get FIFA out of the water.

Gameplay and modes will be further improved

The biggest problem for FIFA in the 2020 edition was that the gameplay was extremely poor while the game modes were also weak. PES gameplay was the best it had been in the last year, and the Master League is extremely popular. The Master League will also be thoroughly overhauled for the 2021 edition. This means there will be more dynamic scenarios to explore. Meanwhile, subtle gameplay changes can also be made. Anyway, the PES is on the right track and FIFA could not be further from appeasing the large football community.


The game offers a game, graphics, terrain texture, player identity, the latest transfers, high definition game video, the latest balls, current team kits and much better stadiums. Check out the full summary of game features below:

  • The game is completely offline.
  • Game updated from PES 2020 Iso.
  • HD Graphics Gameplay, new kits, new training + transfers.
  • Player ranking available and actual player data.
  • Career mode is improved with new features.
  • You can also manage your club in the popular Master league.
  • Rader team, score posting, Champions League update.
  • The new user interface for the UEFA League, World Cup, International Friendlies, Match
  • The exhibition, New Balls.
  • Team kits updated to the 2021 season, updated team logos such as Juventus, smooth gameplay.
  • Realistic atmosphere, real-time comments, player celebrations, real player emotions, player attitudes - Ronaldo FreeKick posture, Messi balancing, e.t.c.

What's new PES 2021 ISO PPSSPP:

  • Full support for Vulkan. Very fast on supported devices.
  • Partial support for GPS and PSP camera (the reason for new authorizations!)
  • Support for Arabic
  • Fix Android widgets, screen scaling
  • Geometry problems fixed in Medal of Honor
  • Implement immediate draws, fixing Thrillville
  • Hardware tessellation of BSP and PSP splines (used by some games)
  • Sustained performance mode to avoid a thermal limitation
  • Various bug fixes and compatibility improvements

How to Download and Install PES 2021 ISO

Follow the steps below to configure the ISO PES 2021 on the PSP emulator for Android, make sure to follow all my steps carefully without skipping a line:

1. Download and install Zarchiver pro-Apk. Open the Zarchiver app, then extract the ISO file directly in the GAME folder of the PSP folder

2. Install the PPSSPP Gold emulator that you downloaded above, open it, and quit to automatically create a PSP folder in the file manager, then Find the location where you downloaded the probable downloads folder of the PES file 2021.

3. Move the ISO PES 2021 file to your SD card, SDCard "PSP" GAME for easy access.

4. The next step is to extract PES 2021 ISO PPSSPP SAVE DATA + TEXTURES directly into the PSP folder

5. We're almost done. Now open the PPSSPP Gold Emulator application and locate the PES 2021 game (SD card> PSP> Game).

6. Press the PES 2021 icon