Download Whatsapp IOS v3.0 (Anti-ban) Updated

Download Whatsapp IOS v3.0 (Anti-ban) Updated

What is Whatsapp iOS?

An iOS-style mod (iPhone), which provides MANY features, including personalization, themes, change styles, application blocking, conversation blocking, PRIVACY mods, and more!

What's new!

- Update to Base 2.20.123
- iOS Conversation Line
- iOS bubbles (original) included
- Superior text correction
- Correction of some problems

How to install Whatsapp IOS v3.0 (Anti-ban) Updated

  1. Install the copy on the modified official WhatsApp package.
  2. If that doesn't work for you the other way ...
  3. Make a backup copy of the “Fouad” settings, then cancel the installation if you are using the official WhatsApp Fouad, or any other modified version, but make sure it has the same name as the package,
  4. Then, restore the backup copy you made earlier.
  5. Now make the settings for the special version, which is:
  6. White, and another black.
  7. The “note” version does not work on using a new number when receiving the code for your number.
  8. Perform the copy in the annotated method.
  9. Package name: com.whatsapp

Download Whatsapp IOS v3.0 (Anti-ban) Updated 2020


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