Download YXWhatsapp v8.37 apk for Android Updated

Download YXWhatsapp v8.37 apk for Android Updated
Download YXWhatsapp v8.37 apk for Android Updated

About YxWhatsApp!

A designed material mod, which provides many features, including personalization, themes, change styles, application blocking, conversation blocking, privacy mods, and more!

What's new in YXWhatsapp 8.37

Settings screen
- Silent updates (you will not receive a pop-up notification when an update is available.)

Xlab - Themes
- If you like a theme, you can now share it with a friend (tap the share button that appears above the theme)
- Touch the name of the user who sent the theme to see all the themes sent by the user.
- At the top of the screen, some filters will appear, such as "All", "Most downloaded", "Recommended", "Movies and series" - use to find themes easily.
- When you tap a theme image to open it, it will be displayed in full screen, overlaying the notification bar.

Floating menu
- When opening the floating menu, the notification bar will no longer be black.
- Fixed an error that caused the floating menu to be displayed in white when opening it for the first time.

Conversation screen
- Now you can change the color of the background and the text of the attachments.

Home screen
- Option to disable the touch on the profile photo (so that the floating menu is disabled)
- Removed the notification that says “you don't have a profile picture” - in fact, it still exists, but it will not be displayed.
- Option to ignore archived conversations (when receiving new messages, your contact/group will be forced to be abandoned in the dark caves called Archived Messages)
- To prevent attackers from letting their groups or contacts escape the dark cave (archived conversations), it is now possible to set a password (so that only you have access)


YxWa has personalized privacy, which means that you can choose what each contact or group will see about you. For example, you can receive a message and not say that you did.

YxWa has a digital, password or even “drawing” lock; in addition, you can block conversations separately and hide in a place where only you will have access

The settings guide is intuitive, you will find a question and answer guide, in addition, you can search for a specific option. That is, it is papaya with sugar to use YxWa.

YxWa allows you to completely change the colors of your interface, customize fonts, sound effects and more. Ah, I can't forget the effect of the falling flowers, the girls like it a lot.

Hidden Media
I know, it sucks to get nude from your boyfriend or girlfriend and some snoopers end up seeing it in the gallery. Thinking about it, our friend YoBasha allows YxWa to separately hide videos, photos and gifs from his gallery.

Here, there, there, those annoying bugs that happen in modified applications, it annoys me. On YxWa you have support in the official group, we are available on Telegram. You can find our group in the YxWa settings tab. Have a good time.

Download YXWhatsapp v8.37 Updated