Download twitter++ iPA for your iPhone,iPad and iPod

Download twitter++ iPA for your iPhone,iPad and iPod without any need of Jailbreak or Cydia . Install using cydia impactor and verify it from Apple easily. Get extra new features and updates than just your regular twitter app.

App Description
Name:                                    Twitter++
Compatibility:                       iPhone, iPad, iPod
iOS:                                        iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2, iOS 12
Version:                                 7.42.1
Appstore:                              Not Available

Twitter++ iPA App Features

Twitter Plus Features
Here are some features of the new Twitter ++ iPA app for iOS
       Adds new features to the iOS Twitter app:
  • Share images and links from tweets by long pressing on them
  • Share tweets to third-party apps with a tap and hold gesture
  • Save video and GIFs to your device with tap and hold gesture
  • Download YouTube videos from Twitter to your device
  • Set the default browser to open when a link is tapped
  • Show the keyboard on Compose instead of media screen
  • Automatic Long Tweet Creation - For tweets that are over 140 Chars, Twitter ++ allows you to automatically post tweet as an image or using pastebin.
  • Displays a confirmation when favoriting a tweet
  • Enable full-screen view
  • Video tweets of users who have blocked you
  • You can now share images and links from with in the tweets by Long Pressing.
  • Share tweets to third party apps not from twitter or twitter supported.
  • Gifs share and Video Saving option now enabled. Download videos from twitter.
  • Download youtube videos from your app to your Phone directly. Option enabled.
  • Now you can set the browser for which you want to open the link with in the tweet app.
  • Tweet more than 140 words easily now. The more words are automatically made an image or tweeted using pastebin.
  • Before favouriting a tweet. You can now view a confirmation message.
  • View the video tweets of those users who have now blocked you.
  • Enhanced Features
  • Enhanced Capabilities.

Download Twitter++ iPA