WhatsApp Omar Badeeb Al-Wardi 2021 OB2WhatsApp

 Download and Install WhatsApp Omar Badeeb Al-Wardi 2021 OB2WhatsApp pink and Red against the ban Update the latest version of WhatsApp Plus Omar Pink 28 WhatsApp Omar with the feature to run two WhatsApp numbers on the same device.

OB3WhatsApp Omar Apk is the second famous version of w-plus. The default color of the app is blue. People in Yemen, Syria, and Sudan use this version a lot. There is no official website for this app, but you can download it from any website. In this article, we’ll share how you can download its new version

who is the developer of WhatsApp Omar

Omar Badeeb is the developer of the WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi application as it is still continuing to issue its updates, so we encourage you, dear ones, to use the WhatsApp Omar Pink and Red application because it is distinctive and always updated and there is also a version of Omar Al-Azraq OB3WhatsApp and Annabi OBWhatsApp, and you can operate two WhatsApp numbers using These copies.

Where the main feature inside whatsapp plus WhatsApp Omar Badeeb Al-Wardi for Android was to make phone calls to friends and all acquaintances, but when you make contact with people outside the country, of course its cost is very high.

 But in our time, the matter is completely different, because phones have been developed and updated, for a new generation of distinguished and smart phones that support touch screens to appear, this new program supports the Arabic language and all the languages ​​that are supported by the new official green WhatsApp.

 In 2010, two Android operating systems appeared, in addition to the emergence of many social media platforms, the most famous of which is this application, which is called Omar and comes in several versions according to the color, namely pink, blue, red, and also WhatsApp Omar Annabi.

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Other advantages of the WhatsApp Omar application

  • WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi features 8 main screen shapes.
  • It also has a feature to determine who can contact you.
  • It also features an option to disable the notification when playing a specific audio message.
  • Dear, you can reply to someone's message individually, even if he sends it to you in a group chat with friends.
  • Vibration has been added for sending a message from a cached chat via the options button within your hidden chat screens.
  • There is a feature to convert videos into allowed clips within WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi for easy deployment on your story.
  • There is a feature to know how many times dear you have transferred the message by selecting the message and then the information.
  • Within WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi there are other fixes.

App NameOB3 WhatsApp
File size54MB
DeveloperOmar Badeeb
Latest versionv28
Android version4.0+
Total Downloads50,000+
Default LanguageArabic
Last updatedYesterday

Exclusive Features:

  • The user guide is available in the app
  • You can use beautiful built-in self-masking features
  • The app comes with the feature to disable auto-download media files
  • You can enable day or night mode with one click from the home screen
  • Option to download and activate the theme via zip packages
  • New bubbles and plates
  • Change font text and color
  • Possibility to change the background of every single page
  • You can set different backgrounds for different groups
  • Facility to check who is online from the home screen
  • Colorful wallpapers
  • Advanced search icon within the app
  • New user interface
  • Option to copy the content of status or story with one click
  • You can block unknown calls
  • Hide online status
  • Enable or disable DND mode to stop receiving notifications
  • Seprate lock for every conversation or group 
  • Hide double and blue tick
  • You can create a room chat
  • As compared to other apps, it performs better.
  • Now you can add animation to the attachment interface
  • The sender can’t delete the sent messages
  • New emojis
  • Multiple chat features
  • You can make a voice call to different people at the same time
  • Right and left swipe option to exit from the chat
  • Themes Storage
  • Protected from ban issues
  • Fixed error in the option delete for everyone
  • And many more

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