OGWhatsApp Pro APK 11.00 Download Latest (Anti-Ban) 2021

OGWhatsApp Pro APK 11.00 Download Latest (Anti-Ban) 2021. OGWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp which gives its users a clean, simple and free messaging service that is secure and reliable. Developers also added some of the advanced features that some users might feel important regarding their privacy and security needs.

OGWA offers users privacy regarding features like deciding who will watch their profile pics, statuses and who can chat with them. This all makes it a reliable messaging app out there. Developers also added some advanced options in OGWhatsApp updated APK recently like deleting the sent messages and hiding online status.

What is OGWhatsApp Pro APK?

A material designed WhatsApp Mod which is intended to provide the best possible features to the android users. You can find many features as similar to YoWhatsApp. In fact, most of the functions taken from the YoWA to build OGWhatsApp Pro but I can surely say that this is not a remod version of Yousef’s app.

A Russian developer named Alex (Alex Mods) built this android application from scratch (assumption) and consistently updating base version as per the official WhatsApp. So, you can use the newly introduced features according to the base update.

In the latest build, he adopted the themes section from the Yousef and this is a special addition to the theme lovers.

Version Info


NameOGWhatsApp Pro
Size32 MB
DeveloperAlex Mods
Last updatedMay 31, 2021
Based on2.21.4.22


  • Lock – Fingerprint, Pattern and Pin options are available to lock your OGWhatsApp Pro. There are some customisations for this lock feature including Pattern invisible, Vibration, Recovery question and Lock wallpaper.
  • Backup & Restore – Take a complete backup of your chats like titanium backup. Universal >> Backup & Restore >> Data.
  • Hide Media from the gallery – Enable this option from Universal settings if you want to hide media. And also, you can select from Photos, Videos and GIFs.
  • Enable Always Online – You can stay online until you close on the recents tab.
  • Image Share limit – Send more than 10 images at once.
  • Full resolution – Send full resolution photos up to 6MB size.
  • App Language – Arabic, English, Espanol, Italian, Porteguese, Hindi,German, Turkish, Russian, and Indonesian.
  • Online toast – It helps you to know that someone is online.
  • DND (Do not Disturb) – OGWhatsApp Pro has DND feature that restricts the internet connection.
  • Message a number – Just enter a phone number and hit message or call button to contact them without saving their phone number.
  • Lock Conversation – You can set password/pattern/PIN to the particular contacts or groups.
  • Stickers Support -Yes, It supports OGStickers app.
  • Instagram Stories style – Alex also added the Instagram stories style bar on the home screen. Settings >> Home screen>> Header.

Privacy & Security

Now, everyone looking for privacy and security these days to secure at least some personal data. With this OGWA, you can able to do such awesome things that you won’t think of. Here is the list of those functions.

  • Freeze Last Seen – When you enable this option, your last seen will be freezed and your contacts will only see that time but not the present.
  • Hide Blue Ticks – This option hides the blue ticks if even you have seen someones message.
  • Hide Second Tick – This option hides the second tick of someone’s message. So, they can’t be able to know that you received a message or not.
  • Hide Blue Microphone – Other person won’t know that you listened to their voice message.
  • Hide Typing… – This option allows you to hide your typing status.
  • Hide Recording – This option allows you to hide your recordings while sending voice messages. Kind of a surprise to the other person.
  • Disable Forward – It removes the forward tag even you forward a message.
  • Anti Delete Messages – Once you enable this function, your contacts will not be able to delete the text/video/image/audio sent for you.
  • Show blue ticks after you reply
  • Hide View Status – Don’t tell your contacts that you have viewed their status. (It helps you to view statuses anonymously)
  • Anti delete status – You can view deleted status of your friends or family.
  • Who can call me? – Yes, you can control whom to call you.
  • Anti Ban – The latest version comes with the Anti-ban, and it can help you not to get temporary banned.


The best and exclusive feature in this OGWA Pro android application. I really liked the way of Alex introducing these kinds of functions on this app. Currently, only two add-ons are available at the time of writing this article. In future, you may see more exclusive extensions.

  • Stickers pack and Sticker Maker
  • Wallpapers App

Themes & Customisations

OGWhatsApp Pro using YoThemes server to provide awesome themes to the users. So, you can choose over 3000+ different styled items.

Coming to the customisations, literally, you can change every part of the user interface that way it looks.

  • Home Screen
  • Chat Screen
  • Set background image to the home.
  • Launcher icons
  • Font Styles
  • Emojis
  • Many more…

Download OGWhatsApp PRO APK Latest Anti-Ban Version for Android

By default, OGWhatsApp Pro UI looks the same as the Official WhatsApp and there is no Insta stories style as like the Aero WhatsApp. But you can able to add themes from the YoThemes store to look cool as well as you can do customisation as you want. Recently the developer implemented the Anti-ban measures and it is completely safe now.

The Anti-ban download link has given below. Please read the features before downloading APK.