4 Best Google Photos Alternatives in 2021

4 Best Google Photos Alternatives in 2021: Google Photos is easily the best Online Cloud Storage for storing photos and videos. You all might be aware of the major change coming to Google Photos in summer this year. As per the new update, Google will no longer provide free and unlimited media uploading options with high-quality resolution. Till the date, people could have used Google Photos to store any number of photos for free in high resolution.

Once the new policy kicks in, you will have a free storage limit of 15GB. Everything you upload will be counted towards the same 15GB. In fact, it’s the same storage that you will be used to store your email attachments and Google Drive files as well.

After Google announcing the new policy, a lot of people started searching for services and apps similar to Google Photos to store videos and photos. The reason being, 15GB of storage provided by Google Photos might not be enough for most people or to store files in multiple services. Below, I will share a list of some best Google Photos Alternatives that you can use right away to move all your photos to.

Google Photos Alternatives

1. Flickr


Flickr is the first option on our list. A majority of you might be already aware of Flickr. Flickr is a popular online photo-sharing platform where millions of people share photos. A lot of people only see Flickr as an online image sharing and hosting solution, what they don’t know is the fact that you can use Flickr to upload and store your personal photos as well.

The free plan on Flickr allows you to host as many as 1000 photos, without paying anything. If you exhaust the 1000 photos limit then you can subscribe to their premium plan for $7.99/monthly and upload unlimited photos and videos in full resolution.

Flickr is available for Android, iOS and the Web as well.

Flickr – WebAndroidiOS

2. Amazon Photos

amazon photos

Did you know that Amazon has a cool image and photo storing service called Amazon Photos? Chances are, the majority of people won’t be aware of Amazon Photos. The good news is that if you are a Prime user already then you can get access to the unlimited photo uploading plan without having the need to pay anything.

In short, for Prime members, Amazon provides the option to upload unlimited photos in high quality as well as 5GB storage for videos, too. Additionally, it would cost $1.99/monthly for 100GB of storage. One more thing to note is that Amazon Photos is not yet available in India at the time of writing this article.

If you are from a country where Amazon Photos is currently not supported, try sideloading the APK file to your device.

Amazon Photos – Android and iOS

3. NordLocker


NordLocker is a popular cloud storage service from NordVPN Teams. Some of you might be already using NordVPN on your device. NordLocker is a cloud storage service that comes with a free as well as a paid plan for you to store files. The free plans provide you 3GB of space to store anything you want and then the second option comes with 500GB of space for $3.99/monthly.

As of now, these are the two plans available on NordLocker. If you want a custom plan, you can get in touch with the team. If you are looking for a paid plan, getting 500GB of end-to-end encrypted cloud storage is nice.


4. pCloud


pCloud is an online cloud storage service where you can store pretty much any file. It is not specifically meant for Photos or Videos only, you can store any files. As of now, no free plans are available on pCloud. You can get up to 10GB of free space on signing up for the first time. There are two plans in pCloud. You can either get them annually or for a lifetime. The lifetime pricing model of pCloud is something I liked a lot. Almost all other cloud storage services charge you monthly. But pCloud comes with an option where you can pay for a lifetime. Purchase and forget!

You can get the Premium 500GB plan for $175 and Premium Plus 2TB plan for $350 for a lifetime or choose to go with the Premium 500GB or Premium Plus 2TB plan annually. If you plan to use the service for more than 3 years, then I would recommend you to go with the Lifelong plan as it is the most value-for-money plan out there.


5. Microsoft OneDrive

Chances are most of you guys will be already aware of Microsoft OneDrive. The free plan of OneDrive provides users with 5GB of cloud storage. 5GB might not be that big, but something is better than nothing. Paid plans start from $1.99/monthly and come with 100GB of storage. Bigger plans with up to 6TB of storage space and 6 people are also available.

OneDrive is very closely integrated with Windows 10 and other apps and services from Microsoft. So, adding and syncing files between these services should be fairly simple and easy.


If you try to upload photos or images in full resolution without compressing, the storage might get full fast. So, if you are limited on storage then it is always better that you compress images without losing quality first and then uploading them to the cloud storage site. This way, you will be able to save valuable space.

Free Google Photos Alternatives to use in 2021

These are some free as well as paid Google Photos alternatives that you can start using right now. When it comes to free options, we only have a very limited number of choices. Dropbox, OneDrive, Flickr, etc comes with free options that you can use. It is better that you create accounts on multiple cloud photo storage sites so that you can maximize the space that you get to store them.